October 20, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

The North Carolina Division of Air Quality is partnering with the Cape Fear Botanical Garden to bring air quality education to the greater Fayetteville Area. The workshop will be a full day of high quality educational activities that you can take back to your school or education center.
NC Division of Air Quality staff will lead the workshop which will include a combination of teacher tools and hands-on activities, presentation materials, and curriculum. Teachers and educators can receive C.E.U. credit and Credit for the North Carolina Environmental Education Certification program.

The workshop will cover:
• Classroom activities on air, air pollution, and health.
• Sample air quality using a wide variety of methods.
• It’s Our Air activities, videos, and other on-line resources.
• Learn about the NC AQ-IQ Contest for Seventh Grade Students.
• Learn how N.C. Air Awareness education can be a part of your school or education center.

“The Cape Fear Botanic garden is an ideal place for an air quality workshop. Many of the effects of air pollution can be seen on plants. There are dozens of plants that show damage from ground level ozone and many others that show damage from acid deposition. Educators will learn how to identify air pollution damage on leaves.” Keith Bamberger, NC Division of Air Quality

$5 for Garden Members | $15 for Non-members

Register here:

To find out more about what will be covered in the workshop contact:
Keith Bamberger
NC Division of Air Quality
(828) 296-4500