May 17, 2017 @ 10:00 am

Join us for this program taught by Fascinate-U staff, here in the Garden! This program geared for preschoolers and it is free for Garden or Fascinate-U members. Regular admission applies to non-members. Pre-registration is required.


May 17, 10am: Rocks, Minerals & Stones

Learn what rocks are made of, what they are used for, and observe and sort a variety of rocks, semi-precious
stones, and minerals. Then go on a nature hunt for a special rock and turn it into a “Pet Rock”

July 19, 10am: Birds

Discover how birds can fly, what they eat, and many other interesting facts about birds. At the end of the session, you will make a “Crazy Bird” to take home.

September 20, 10am: Plants

Identify the parts of a plant, what is the life cycle of a plant, and what a plant needs to grow. At the end of the session, you will make your own “Chia Pet” to take home.

November 15, 10am: Insects & Bugs

Observe a variety of insects and bugs. Learn their different types, their body parts, and make a “Nature Bug” from different elements found in nature.


Visit us at Fascinate-U for the following programs. Garden Members who attend these programs receive free admission. Must show membership card. Pre-registration is required.


April 19, 10am- Seeds

Find out what is inside a seed, how they grow, and how they travel.  Plant your own seed to take home and watch grow.

June 21, 10am- Worms

Learn all about worms and why they are important- then meet some worms up close!

Aug 16, 10am- Reptiles

What is a reptile? We’ll learn about these scaly creatures, and then have a chance to meet real reptiles up close!

Oct 18, 10am- Soils

Let’s get our hands good and soil-y!  We’ll see, feel, and even smell the difference between different kinds of soils.

Dec 20, 10am- Scat!

Scat? What’s that? Come join us as we get the scoop on poop!