Honey bee and Bell Flowered Cherry blossomsAt the Garden we not only entertain flowers but animals as well! Bonnie Eamick, our Education Specialist, says this time of year we see a lot of squirrels, hawks and songbirds but we are visited by all sorts of animals throughout the year. Our photographer, Thomas Keever, has even heard the barred owl hooting, but they hide very well in the woods, so keep an eye out for them! On warm days the bees emerge from their hives and visit the flowers. (Yes, flowers in January!) They love the camellias this time of year!Red Shoulder Hawk in prime plumage

The Garden does have deer and rabbits also on the property that love to nibble on the plants. Since we cant have them eating all the beautiful plants, our shade, day lily, and vegetable gardens are all fenced in. These herbivores eat any other plants around the Garden year round, but so far they have not created too much damage.

Many of our Garden friends use plants for shelter. Even the carnivores, such as hawks, depend on the plants. They perch and nest up high in the trees. Most of our property is wooded so we provide a great habitat for native animals. When you visit the Garden be on a look out for some of our friends!

Remember, this is nature’s show, not ours. There are no scheduled performances. Make sure to arrive early in the day to see more wildlife activity. Our hours are 12-4 all week long during the winter. Admission into the garden is free if you are a member! Find out more about our memberships and what they offer!