LeJuane “El’Ja” Bowens

LeJuane “El’Ja” Bowens is a motivational speaker, poet, author, Comic Con panelist and workshop facilitator who has performed in numerous slams and featured across the US along with being the 1st poet to have his work in the Obama Art Museum located in Raleigh, NC (the 1st and only of its kind in North Carolina).El’Ja is also the author of the poetry book, ” So Many Things to Say: A Collection of Poems”, and his newest book, “Anywhere…But Here”. As of 2016, he was the recipient of the Rising Star Male Poet Award for the State of North Carolina and overall recipient of the award for the 2016 GANSPA Awards

Kayla Dawn

Kayla Dawn is a Puerto Rican, multi faceted artist based in North Carolina. Although Spoken Word is just one of her many gifts, she had been using it for 3 years and recently began focusing all of her writings into ministry, fighting for the kingdom. The ability to help others has always been her biggest motivation and now it has become a lifestyle. It is the driving force behind the pursuit of her dreams and what strengthens her push for the kingdom.


Poetic Pathos Youth Slam

Poetic Pathos Youth Slam began as a simple poetry club at Gray’s Creek High School in Hope Mills, North Carolina.  The club included a slam poetry team, which trained to perform for crowds of any size and compete at competitions.  Eventually, the team grew to over 20 teenagers, with many of the members performing for not only the school, but venues like the Sweet Palette, Cumberland Coffee Roasters, The Coffee Scene, the Big Apple, and various churches.  The team also competes regularly at the Southeastern Regional North Carolina Poetry Festival.  Recently, Poetic Pathos split from Gray’s Creek High and aims to be an organization that represents and serves all of the youth of Fayetteville and Hope Mills.  They even formed a team that went to Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival this past July, and competed against some of the best youth poets in the country.

Carlos Cason

Carlos Cason is a hip-hop artist producer and poet with a refreshing take on hip-hop culture and spiritually delivering a blend of lyrical bars over drum, bass and soul music.


Tamesha  Murray aka Mesha the Lioness

Emerging into the world as an only child to a single mother, Tamesha Murray or better known as Mesha the Lioness, had no choice but to embrace her creative imagination. Raised in the small town of Raeford, NC she began writing at age nine due to a strict household and limited recreational activities. She found writing fun and therapeutic since it allowed her to share heartfelt secrets through her pen which otherwise would not have been communicated.

In addition to writing, Mesha has a background in liturgical, contemporary, hip-hop and jazz dancing. She is also blessed with the gift of acting; having performed in many stage plays. She feels that art has pursued her and won her heart and soul one hundred times over. Her daily prayer is to shine the light of The Creator in everything that she does. No labels, no titles, just a beacon of light that displays joy, goodness, peace, grace and love.



Not to enforce but to inform, enlighten, encourage and empower. When one knows one’s self they will know who they are, but more importantly WHO’S they are. (Who I am) is a follower of The Almighty. My, music reflects my understanding of the Word Of “YAH” the revelation of his express will toward man and their relationship to him (The Almighty). My music is Spiritual, Positive and Educational. But it expresses warning of “YAH’S” judgement and soon coming to a dark and midnight world. I hope that as you will listen with ears of decrement and an open mind, and find your way.

“I ain’t perfect, but I ain’t confused.”

Law Bullock

Faith driven with the task to motivate others that everyone has the strength to push forward no matter the obstacles involved fuels this young man. Born July 28th, 1990 in Fayetteville, NC. Art has always been a great influence in Law’s life for as long as he could remember. From the time he could pick up a pencil; writing, drawing, visualizing and speaking have been a part of his life. An author, a spoken word artist and a motivational speaker with the drive to accomplish more while always pushing ministry.