What’s around the riverbend?


Our Garden is uniquely situated between the Cape Fear River and Cross Creek. This gives an even more peaceful and unique quality to the Garden, but that’s not all the bodies of water we have! We have several ponds too!

Cypress Pond view of WVPC-CFBG

Our large pond is our Cypress Pond and is home to carp, mosquito fish, and yes- even some non-venomous red-bellied water snakes.  In past years, a pair of Canada Geese have lived in the pond, and it is sometimes visited by a kingfisher and blue heron.  Many frogs and toads lay their eggs in the pond as well.  In the rain 4


Our smaller Banana Tree pond hosts a lot…a LOT… of bullfrogs and green frogs.  There are a few mosquito fish in this pond, but not many other larger predators around this tiny pond, making it great breeding ground for frogs.

Cross Creek and the Cape Fear River also have species different from the ponds- many of which we can’t see from the Garden, such as Catfish. The kingfishers frequent this area more often, and on good days many other In the rain 5birds and mammals can be spied along the banks. While frogs and toads can surely be found in rivers, they prefer ponds to lay their eggs in. Amphibian eggs have to be laid in water because they don’t have shells, like bird eggs do. The water protects them until they hatch.  Frog and toad tadpoles live in the water where they eat algae as they morph into adults. Some species, such as Southern Toads, spend just a few weeks as tadpoles. Other species, such as bullfrogs, can spend a couple years as tadpoles. In smaller ponds, such as our Banana Tree Pond, there are not any predatory fish present who may eat eggs or tadpoles. If you visit in the spring and summer you can see the results– LOTS and LOTS of frogs and tadpoles in our little tiny pond!

3-scroll-tree frog-04.2016

“What I love most about rivers is, you can’t step in the same river twice. The water’s always changing, always flowing.” -Pocahontas, Disney

Hurricane Mathew left behind a lot of damage to several parts of our river trail. Please help to clean our trails up by either volunteering, monetary donations, or material donations! Email info@capefearbg.org if you’re interested in helping out!     Thank you!

Come discover this beautiful land around the riverbend! Our hours just changed back to our Spring/Summer schedule; Mon-Sat 9am-5pm and Sun 12-5pm! Check out what our membership can offer: free events and discounts!