Cape Fear Botanical Garden

Unique Ideas for A North Carolina Wedding Venue

If you and your betrothed are considering North Carolina as a wedding location, congratulations! There is a never-ending list of beautiful venues and places throughout the state that you can choose to match your tastes, lifestyles, and more. Regardless of how you are planning your special day, be sure you consider a wide variety of options for where and how the ceremony can take place.

It may seem like an overwhelming decision to make, but by exploring a wide variety of options for venues and reception halls, you will quickly whittle down the feeling and looks that resonate.

While a church wedding is always a traditional and wonderful way to celebrate a new partnership, consider creating a ceremony where both you and the guests will have a touch of nature as a part of the big day—by getting married outside (or within view of the great outdoors)! You will create a unique and memorable event for you and your guests and what better way is there to start you and your partner’s life together?

Consider a winter wedding

While summer is widely known as the most popular season for weddings, consider what a winter wedding could be like. With plenty of places with large bay windows, winter weddings can easily be cozy, intimate affairs with just as much natural beauty as the summer. The white of the wedding dress can match the cool temperature perfectly and your guests won’t be sweating and swatting at bugs. There is also the added benefit of off-season venue prices. Here are some ways to capitalize on a winter wedding.

Use the outdoors as a backdrop

You may be thinking that nature and winter together sound like a chilly wedding ceremony, but many outdoor venues (like Cape Fear Botanical Garden) have indoor spaces with views of nature and/or outdoor heaters.

Our intimate wedding venues like the Ralph and Linda Huff Orangery and the W.C. English Foundation Grand Hall provide plenty of shelter from Mother Nature’s elements during colder months and are the perfect canvas for your personal touches and decor. With plenty of natural light and handsome architectural details, both winter wedding venues blend natural and man-made beauty to create a wonderful setting for unique wedding receptions and ceremonies.

Create a cozy environment

For outdoor fall and winter weddings, you could provide guests with cozy favors such as blankets for the ceremony; serving warming drinks at your reception like hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. Beyond the warm thoughts at the ceremony, a personalized wedding favor will add a thoughtful touch to the special occasion—a s’mores kit to roast by the winter fire, a sachet of North Carolina pine, rosemary, or lavender—the possibilities are endless to round out your winter wedding in North Carolina.

With so many different wedding venue options on our sprawling 80 acres of property, there is sure to be a match that speaks to you at Cape Fear Botanical Garden! Contact our events department at 910-486-0221 and ask to speak with one of our event coordinators to learn more about the year-round wedding venues and services offered at Cape Fear Botanical Garden.