Cape Fear Botanical Garden

Garden Weddings: More Affordable Than You Think!

What color comes to mind when you think of having a garden wedding? For many, it may be green—more because of the assumed cost than because of the lush landscape. But a botanical garden wedding in North Carolina does not have to mean abandoning your budget. There are affordable wedding venues throughout the state that offers new brides all of the natural beauty of a classic Southern garden without the jaw-dropping prices.

Free wedding flowers

One of the largest expenses in a wedding involves hiring a professional florist to design arrangements, purchase the floral settings and arrange them all on the special day. Instead of finding the right florist, paying for practice bouquets, and worrying about the cost of bringing blooms into your reception area and ceremony, imagine most of those decisions are already made for you and they are off your to-do list.

Beyond saving you money, garden weddings have the added benefit of taking no additional time or expertise to create a lush and alive backdrop for your nuptials that will blow guests away. Most of the floral arrangements are already in place; just come and enjoy them.

Outdoor venues are multi-purpose

Renting out one place for the rehearsal dinner, another place for the wedding ceremony and yet another for the reception can get pricey, and fast! But, with large outdoor venues like Cape Fear Botanical Garden in Fayetteville, NC you only have to make one reservation—rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and wedding receptions all have a place on our campus that remove the hassle.

This can save serious money by not having to book all these separate locations and also allows you to avoid giving out complicated directions and itineraries on where to be at what time. There is plenty of room for a catered rehearsal dinner the night before and a reception party right after your outdoor ceremony.

A perfect location for wedding photographs

Another major expense on wedding day is hiring a professional wedding photographer (and maybe videographer!). They will undoubtedly be searching for a place with great lighting and a beautiful background to capture your special day in exactly the right way. Gardens have the upper hand on all other options here, too.

By having wedding photos taken in the same place as the rest of the events you are saving time, money, without compromising your photos, or memories of the day. After all, an extra hour or two with your guests is always preferable to driving all over kingdom come with a photographer, right?

Free entertainment

When tallying up a list of things for your guests to do during the reception, one attraction is already bought and paid for. They can walk through the grounds of the property, find benches to sit and have private conversations and children can run around in the great outdoors without the danger of traffic or unsafe surroundings. Add to that some food, drinks, and music and you have an affordable and memorable wedding.

Cape Fear Botanical Garden is an affordable botanical garden wedding venue

Despite our world-famous gardens and architecture, planning and executing a wedding on the grounds of Cape Fear Botanical Gardens is well within the reach of most budgets. We have event coordinators that can walk through every option with you so you can see just how affordable a Garden wedding in NC can be. Call 910-486-0221 to get started.