Cape Fear Botanical Garden

It’s Time To Seriously Consider an Outdoor Wedding

Looking for wedding venues in North Carolina can lead to many exciting possibilities and instead of automatically choosing a more traditional church wedding, more and more people are looking to where they spend their time and where they love to exchange their vows. From beaches to the tops of mountains, it seems as though no place is off-limits for a personalized wedding ceremony. Along with this trend, there are more and more brides looking to outdoor venues for a unique and special way to celebrate their big day with family and friends. If you’re looking for wedding venues in NC and are open to all potentials, here is why you may want to consider an outdoor location.


One of the many benefits of choosing an outdoor wedding venue is that they are not just a place for the ceremony or the rehearsal or the reception; they are the place for everything. Whether you are having an intimate ceremony or a large gathering of family and friends, having all parts of the wedding in the same location can prevent major logistical issues. Keep your eyes peeled for places, like Cape Fear Botanical Garden in Fayetteville, NC, that can host every stage of the wedding.

When thinking about church weddings, there are often time crunches due to multiple weddings happening in the same day, making lollygagging in the space before and after the ceremony next to impossible. Instead of adding more stress to a time-constrained day, by choosing an all-in-one location will give everyone a little breathing room and will keep guests satisfied and comfortable between events.

Natural backdrop

Decorations can be a costly endeavor, even within a church setting where flowers can only go so many places. When you choose an outdoor garden wedding ceremony, there won’t be much need for additional, expensive decorations because the gardens will bring their A-game for your special day.

Wedding planning can quickly eat up weeks and months with details on how to decorate different areas. With the natural decoration of a garden or beach as the backdrop, you can rest assured that the surroundings will be stunning regardless. Decorating can still add to the ceremony, but much of the aesthetic beauty is already in place.


With an outdoor venue you can feel free to think big. Whether you’re thinking of small or large wedding guest list, the extra space gives you the flexibility you may need. Maybe you want a band playing in one area while people quietly talk over a drink 100 yards away and children are having their faces painted in yet another area. When you are limited to a traditional reception space this freedom is not as available.

Cape Fear Botanical Garden is an ideal outdoor wedding venue

If you are searching online for “wedding venues near me” and have come up short, Cape Fear Botanical Garden is a recognized jewel for destination weddings. Those local to the Fayetteville area, especially our military servicemen and women, also count our beautiful grounds as an area favorite for weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners.

To further discuss your outdoor wedding ideas and to design a plan for the perfect nuptials, contact Cape Fear Botanical Garden to start the process today. We can be reached at (910) 486-0221 and are always honored to be chosen as the location for a couple’s special day.